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About Infiuss

Infiuss is a blood bank management system that connects hospitals with blood banks to hospitals without blood banks.

We make use of simple technology such to address increase of blood shortages across hospitals.


Experience Smart Healthcare.

Infiuss is committed to solving some of the most pertinent healthcare challenges in emerging markets. It is for this this reason that we are building our first ever smart AI powered health care facilities. It is our goal to continue to innovate and provide long lasting solutions to Africa’s ever growing health care concerns.

Donation Process

The donation process from the time you arrive center until the time you leave



You need to complete a very simple registration form. Which contains all required contact information to enter in the donation process.



A drop of blood from your finger will take for simple test to ensure that your blood iron levels are proper enough for donation process.



After ensuring and passed screening test successfully you will be directed to a donor bed for donation. It will take only 6-10 minutes.



You can also stay in sitting room until you feel strong enough to leave our center. You will receive a free drink from us in donation zone.

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We work all over Cameroon, organizing blood donation campaign to grow awareness among the people to donate blood.

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Helpful Information

Before Donation

  • Maintain a healthy iron level by eating iron rich foods.
  • Drink an extra 16 oz. of water prior to your donation.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before your blood donation.
  • Remember to bring the donor card or national ID/Passport.
  • Finally, Try to get a good night sound sleep after donation.

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Donate Blood and Save 3 Lives

October 4, 2018   10 Comments
To save a life, you don't need to use muscle. By donating just one unit of blood, you can save three lives or even several lives.
latest news


April 27, 2018   10 Comments
An online blood bank that collects and dispatches blood donations to hospitals... Read more

Join Us. Donate Blood, save 3 lives.

Did you know that one bag of blood can go as far as saving 3 lives.

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